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Prior to your visit, we encourage you to complete the new patient paperwork and return this to the clinic. Doing so will allow us to enter your information prior to your appointment. If you are unable to complete and return this paperwork prior to your visit, please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before scheduled appointment so this information can be entered in a timely manner.


When you arrive to the clinic, please proceed to the front desk to check in. Your insurance will be verified at each visit (please bring your insurance card to each appointment!) and your co-pay must be paid prior to being seen.


After checking in, you may return to the waiting room area. In the waiting room, we invite you to have a bottle of water, watch TV, and/or read the provided material. For our pediatric patients, we have coloring pages and crayons, as well as age-appropriate books. We’d love to display the completed colored page in our office if you will return them to our front desk prior to leaving. The crayons are complimentary and can be taken home. Please leave books and magazines in the waiting room area for future patients to enjoy.


After a brief waiting room stay, you will be called by a member of our team to head towards your exam room. For safety and comfort, we ask that no more than one person accompany the patient to the exam room. Prior to being seen by Dr. Anderson, we will collect your vital signs, determine the reason for your visit, and complete any required questionnaires. Before your visit, or while waiting, we encourage you to jot down health concerns or questions you have for Dr. Anderson; this will make your visit more efficient and productive. If needed, blood for labs may be drawn before or after your visit with Dr. Anderson.


Following your visit, we ask that you please stop by the front desk for any post-visit information, including school/work excuses, immunization forms, and to schedule follow-up appointments.

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